Bondry Management Consultants
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Create The Future For Your Community


Areas of Concentration




Bondry will review existing revenue base, local income tax revenue, and other data to give a comprehensive and informative picture of your community’s current financial condition.  From that information, Bondry can show you the overall financial feasibility of objectives, goals, and projects your organization wants to consider. We can present options for efficient financing of various transactions.



Bondry will ensure that every staff member is proficient in fund accounting rules, maximum levy and CPF rate estimates,1782 review and response, 100R reporting budget preparation, and other Department of Local Government and Finance reports.



Bondry will assist with interpreting the State Board of Accounts audit. We will provide policies and procedures to mitigate any concerns and include a comprehensive internal control policy and process. We will create financial policies in accordance with Standard and Poor’s and ensure additional policies are in place.

Adopting financial policies in accordance with Standard and Poor’s framework organizes financial reporting that can enhance accountability.  Adoption is the first step in making sure your organization’s credit review gives a fair and complete picture of financial management and internal controls. A credit rating is one of several factors that can be considered in the cost of securing financing for a capital project.



Bondry can show you how to implement financial and management tactics geared to desired outcomes. We can assist in guiding ongoing planning and re-evaluation of the current course, mitigating risks, and preemptively preparing for likely and calculable challenges.



Bondry can create 5-year rolling Capital Investment Planning (CIP) that is linked to operating budgets and long-revenue with financing strategies. The CIP will identify all potential revenue and/or bond issuances according to the clients’ needs.



Bondry can assist with messaging to local media about finances, administration and capital projects. We can attend meetings to walk through financial initiatives with stakeholders including staff, other elected officials, and community leaders.